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“Steven Favreau doesn’t have to decorate for a party. His designs are joyful. It is impossible to be in them and not feel like throwing a party. His designs vibrate on the edge of too much but never go too far.”

~ Gail Ravgiala, Design New England Magazine

  • Showroom Favorites

    THE GALLEY WORKSTATION Designer Bath has teamed up with The Galley and is literally reinventing how we function in the kitchen. As one of the sole suppliers of The Galley in the Boston area, Designer Bath features new ways of meal preparation. Gone is the traditional triangle layout we are all used to (Thank Goodness!)….

  • What Inspires You?

    I am often asked, “What is your style?” but I prefer the question, “What inspires you?” My first source of inspiration are my clients. It’s true! Interior design is a service industry. Our job is to give the client the home or business of their dreams. While our service is specialized and highly developed, it…

  • Holiday Shopping on the “FLY”

    Holiday Shopping on the “FLY” December 7, 2016 | Steven Favreau | Favreau Design 45% of the work force regularly travels for business. That means that thousands of us, myself included, are racing through airports around the holidays with full Christmas lists. This holiday season is a particularly busy travel time for me. Until tonight…

  • Why do I need an Interior Designer?

     Why do I need an Interior Designer? November 28, 2016 | Steven Favreau | Favreau Design A gorgeous, new home – custom craftsmanship, top of the line appliances, beautiful location — then there’s the decor. I would never perform my own brain surgery or fly my own 747 across the Atlantic. Why would I attempt to decorate my home without the…

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In this video, taken during his recent visit to our showroom, Steven Favreau of Favreau Design gushes over The Galley and demonstrates how this innovative product can transform your kitchen! Stay tune...

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